Daily 8 Stock Report * No. 2452-TA * Wednesday May 10, 2006


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A.G. EDWARDS INC (AGE-NYSE) :Technical Viewpoint :™ From a low of $50.90 on May 28, 2006 prices rallied, reaching a high of $53.69 on May 11, 2006. A decline saw prices pull back, reaching a low of $49.63 on May 22, 2006. Another rally saw prices penetrate resistance, closing 5/26/06 at $54.20. Technicals : Stochastic Oscillator (STOC) : A Buy Alert! was given on May 22, 2006 when the solid line crossed the dotted line to the upside. Support : Remains at $50.00. Resistance : None at current levels. Point & Figure : Reversed to the upside on May 26, 2006. A P&F upside reversal takes place at $52.00. Summary : Technical indicators have turned bullish. BUY! A.G. Edwards Inc (AGE-NYSE) @ $54.63 Stop : Use a protective stop of $52.13. A.G. Edwards Inc is currently trading @ $54.20 plus $1.42 on May 26, 2006. Price Objective : $69.50. Risk/Reward: $2.50 VS. $14.87. Today's Risk Reward Ratio : 6:1

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