Report No. 2442    Analysis by: Harry Aloof     AUGUST 20, 2012

EBAY INC (EBAY-Nasdaq): Technical Viewpoint: From a low of $46.26 on Aug 2, 2012 prices rallied, reaching a high of $45.99 on Aug 7, 2012. A decline saw prices pull back, reaching a low of $43.73 on Aug 10, 2012. Another rally saw prices penetrate resistance line "A", closing 8/17/12 at $46.87. Technicals: MACD Index (MACD): A Buy Alert! was given on Aug 17, 2012 when the solid line crossed the dotted line to the upside. Support: Remains at $44.95. Resistance: Is at None at current levels. Point & Figure: Reversed to the upside on Jul 19, 2012. A P&F downside reversal takes place at $44.00. Summary: Technical indicators have turned bullish. BUY! EBAY INC (EBAY-Nasdaq) @ $47.13 Stop: Use a protective stop of $45.13. EBAY INC is currently trading @ $46.87 plus $1.08 on Aug 17, 2012. Price Objective: $57.50. Risk/Reward: $2.00 VS. $10.37. Today's Risk Reward Ratio: 5:1

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Price Objective:
$2.00 VS. $10.37
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